Kepware: A Smoother, Well-Connected IoT Experience

Kepware: A Smoother, Well-Connected IoT Experience

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Digitalization holds great promise for the power generation industry. However, a range of internal and market challenges can constrain its effective uptake and implementation for those early in the digital journey. Digitalization can play an important role in solving a range of operational and business challenges for power generation companies. However, operational excellence for plants covers not only supplying reliable, affordable power and optimizing uptime, but also managing physical and cybersecurity, emergencies, public safety, and environmental performance. A solution that connects disparate devices and applications from plant control systems to enterprise information systems would be a great help in streamlining data delivery across the power and utility industry. Kepware’s KEPServerEX collects, manages, and aggregates data from equipment in local and remote locations for real-time control, protection, and monitoring of integral information.

The solution provides complete support of the Open Platform Communications (OPC) standard, exchanging data between multi-vendor devices and control applications without proprietary restrictions. An accurate, secure, and real-time acquisition and delivery of critical information across networks is a key requirement in an industry where regulatory requirements for protection and control systems data are rigorous, and safety is always paramount. “KEPServerEX monitors a vast amount of system-critical information to efficiently asses how machinery is utilized to ensure that downtime is minimized and network performance is maximized,” says Tony Paine, CEO of Kepware.

An energy management plan requires intelligent device connectivity to control energy usage, reduce energy costs, increase efficiency, and improve return on investment. Kepware’s solution set works within new network technologies and connects thousands of devices, providing real-time data collection that consolidates data into a single-server connectivity platform.

"KEPServerEX monitors a vast amount of system-critical information to efficiently asses how machinery is utilized to ensure that downtime is minimized and network performance is maximized"

Both critical and non-essential automation data needed for analytical and archival purposes is critical for most consumers who require industrial automation. While the existing enterprise data storage systems offer a vast and perpetual archive of critical systems data, their high cost and inflexible designs are often not suitable for many power and utility automation requirements.

The Local Historian is an easy-to-configure, flexible, and cost-effective local data storage plug-in that captures information for future analysis. By plugging into the KEPServerEX connectivity platform, it connects to devices in real-time without operational downtime. The Local Historian plug-in moves data collection, storage, and access closer to the data source to prevent data loss and improve operational efficiency with open access and a single product solution.

The KEPServerEX communications platform's single user interface across all driver and driver suites establishes a communications buffer where additional features and plug-ins can be installed on an as-needed basis—keeping its latest technologies and communication drivers at the tip of its clients’ fingers. Kepware’s RedundancyMaster and Media Level Redundancy advanced plug-in helps ensure redundant, secure, and reliable operations while minimizing operating costs. KEPServerEX also includes the ability to define redundant devices and networks, in addition to their failover criteria. These systems provide the much-coveted interoperability and system integration for the power and utility industry.

In the near future, the Kepware product portfolio will expand further into improving connectivity and accessibility in IoT devices and applications. With new features such as WebSocket support for IoT gateways, improved data distribution services, and more on the horizon, Kepware’s solutions will further enhance the connectivity and communication between machines and their operators.

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Kepware is a software development business and is a leading provider of software solutions that helps companies connect diverse automation devices and software applications and enables the Industrial Internet of Things. Kepware serves a wide range of customers in a variety of vertical markets, including manufacturing, oil and gas, building automation, power and utilities, and more. Founded in 1995, the company is present in 100 countries, and its software solutions help thousands of businesses improve operations and decision making. The company’s culture is built upon transparency, resourcefulness, and respect